Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fret Moldings Installed

I spent the day installing the fret moldings on the breakfront base I've been working on. This was incredibly tedious work, but I'm not complaining; as any of my friends will tell you, tedium is my middle name! These were some tricky miters because no 45 degree angles were involved. The larger doors required 52/38 degree cuts, while the smaller doors were some other combination summing to 90. I used a brad pusher and tiny brads to hold each piece in place until the glue set. Altogether, making and installing these little moldings took about 12 hours. Sheesh.

Tomorrow I'll fit the drawers, hang the doors, and do finish prep.


Clay Blancett said...

It's true, he's very tedious.

neil said...

Oh man.......cut and trim, just a hair here and a tad there....12hrs...JEEEEZZZ!!!

Although.... the rewards of tedium sure do look good.