Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Breakfront Progress!

Today I made the doors and drawer faces for the breakfront base I've been working on. Tomorrow I'll make and install the fretwork moldings you see in the drawing below.


Clay Blancett said...
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Clay Blancett said...
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Neil....a Furnitologist said...

Hi Tim:

I got intrigued by your blog from the title.....as you know the best woodworker in a custom shop is referred to as the best Mechanic.

Been following your "old tools" posts which I love.

On this piece, what is the species you 're using for panels in the doors and drawers???

Like Clay says......"Your on fire Dude"!!!


Tim McCready said...


I didn't know that about the use of the term "mechanic." Thanks for cluing me in to that!

I'm so glad you've enjoyed the posts about old machines. I've left the mill where I came to love those old beasts so that I can focus on my own business full-time. In my view, the two choices these days for machinery are a) old american cast-iron behemoths or b) new european stuff.

The panels in the doors and drawers on this piece are mahogany, like the rest of it. In the photos, the panels are weirdly reflective which makes them look like different wood. I have no idea why that is.

I spent some time on your blog--it's great--and I look forward to watching more of the videos again soon.