Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mother of All Gazebos?

We've been talking about building a gazebo out back.  At first we were thinking of your average deck-quality screened porch, but as we've talked about what we really want from the structure, our plans have changed.  At present we're thinking of a 150 square-foot octagon with a stone fireplace, cedar shingles, and a paneled interior, all of which is a lot more ambitious than the original idea.  In all likelihood, we'll end up somewhere between your average gazebo and some kind of backyard Taj Mahal.  Budget will almost certainly be the deciding factor!

Here's the scale model I started last weekend.  Small model = big fun.

Here's a detail view of the arched rafters, beaded ceiling, pine paneling, and the mantel.


motherinlaw said...

You failed to point out that this octagonal gazebo has eight sides, something that I believe was a feature of the lesser gazebo that inspired your plan.

The Wood Mechanic said...

Indeed I do love an 8-sided octagon! Although there's something to be said for those that have 7-and-three-quarter sides, too.