Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Magical Transformation?

We're turning our laundry room into a textiles and printmaking studio.  During this project I've built my first-ever walls, hung a heavy solid core door (also a first), and used a rented floor scraper to remove hideous vinyl tile.  The floor scraper did in 15 minutes what would have taken me days to complete with hand tools.  I can't recommend it enough--best $40 I've ever spent.

The photo below shows the door that separates the studio from the litter box room.  I thought the cats' arch should be inscribed with Dante's warning at the gates of hell:  Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here, but I was out-voted.  The door is solid-core birch.  I made and installed the 12-light window and the arch.  The window is going to have textured glass in it so we keep the incoming light without having to look at a room full of cat boxes.

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