Friday, January 04, 2008

Goodbye Beckstoffer's

After 110 years of continuous operation, H. Beckstoffer's and Sons of Richmond's Church Hill have shut their doors. Over their century-plus of hard work they supplied Richmond's builders with countless lineal feet of fine millwork, the highest quality doors, and decorative architectural woodworking of every conceivable kind. Employees were notified of the firm's closure upon their return from the New Year's holiday. It almost makes me feel guilty for complaining about the turkey I received as a Christmas bonus.

My friend Clay and I went over to see the old mill this afternoon. He took a bunch of pictures while we were there, a few of which are included below. More can be seen here.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comments,

I grew up playing in that mill, some of my best memories are of me and my cousin running and playing on the weekends; I could not have been more upset when I heard that it would be closed.

I believe that the family still owns the property. perhaps, givin some time, and of course interest from wood wookers who would like to come together and revive a historic, and ireplacable richmond asset.

Keep your fingers crossed.

<---John J. Beckstoffer

Jimbo said...

I learned woodworking at Beckstoffers back in the seventies, when Herman was still there, and Bill ran the office. The top photo was taken from "my" bench by the woodstove. Albert taught me everything I know, and more importantly, how to "think". I now have my own custom woodworking business in New York City, and still dream about Beckstoffers maybe once or twice a year. There was no other place like it on earth.
Jim Luton, Brooklyn NY