Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Shop Part Two

Aren't you glad I didn't call this post "New Shop 2.0" or something along those lines?  I'm glad, too.  I thought about it.  Then I thought better.

Here are three photos of the new, new shop on Hull St.  It's 4000 square feet of near heaven, and that's just the ground floor.  I have somewhere just under half of the first floor, which is not only bigger than my deck (see previous post) but also INSIDE!

Anyway, I'm totally for hire now, so if you've been sitting back thinking to yourself, "I sure would like to get that Wood Mechanic guy to build me some furniture, but until he has a bona fide shop, I'm not going to bother," your time has come.

1 comment:

Clay Blancett said...

"Thank you, Clay, for the nice photographs!"

"Why you're welcome Timothy!"