Monday, December 04, 2006

Arched Jamb Heads Complete

This afternoon I finished a set of five poplar arched jamb heads with wide trim and key blocks. Below is the largest of the heads.

One of my coworkers built box columns which will wrap rough openings on the job site. The heads I made will then sit on top of the columns. You'll get a sense of what I mean in the picture below.

Three of the heads were the same size. There was one wider head and one narrower one as you can see. I wonder why people always want this kind of thing at a paint-grade level of finish? I think it would be fun to make some of these from walnut or cherry.

I had never really built anything like these before. The project involved a great deal of radius work on the shaper; the trim that you see on the face of each arch above is comprised of six curved elements in addition to the straight runs and the key block. You can get a sense of what I mean in the picture below which shows the pieces before they were assembled.

I don't know yet what my next project will be, but you'll hear about it when I find out. In the meantime, if you're reading this and you'd like any more detail about this or any of the past projects, please email me and I'll very happily respond. Likewise, if you do similar work--or indeed any kind of craft--I'd love to hear about it and see some pictures, too.

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