Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Contemporary Headboard In Progress

I'm presently working on a very contemporary headboard for a distinguished gentleman in New York.  For all of its elegant simplicity, it poses many interesting challenges, mostly those concerning the piece's weight and the correct veneering of its larger surfaces.  Below is a drawing of the piece.

Here's the piece where it stands tonight.  The large ends are veneered, and I'm in the midst of making a larger vinyl vacuum bag to accommodate the headboard's face.  That's the large sheet of plastic you see in front of the piece.

I love the veneer we're using on this bed.  It's rift-sawn, smoked white oak from Austria.  "Smoking" is similar to the "fuming" popularized during the Arts & Crafts period, but is essentially a longer, more extreme version.  Once oiled, this wood goes a very, very deep and rich dark brown.

I'll write more about this one as it progresses.

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