Saturday, December 01, 2007

She Finally Came!

My new (but also very old) jointer arrived today. It's an American Woodworking Machinery 12" from somewhere between 1904 and 1910. It was meticulously maintained by an old frenchman who ran the woodworking shop at a large textile mill in New Hampshire. I bought it from Jeff Behan, wood carver extraordinaire and savior of too many tons of cast iron to count. I got an amazing deal on this machine and expect I'll get many decades of use from it. Watch the video below to see how we moved this 1,200 pound monster into the shop.

Now all I need is a free machinist or a rotary phase converter! By the way, yes, the title of this post was a tawdry attempt at boosting traffic to my blog! (Did it work?)


Clay Blancett said...
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Unknown said...

looks great. how did you get it from the door to its final resting spot? any simple machines involved?
i enjoyed your title for this post, i might add "With Video!"

Anonymous said...

If you received the machine from Jeff Behan then you're very lucky. Especially if you paid for it in advance. He's very well known in southern California for being a total thief

Anonymous said...

I welcome comments here, but I don't welcome anonymous slander. Where's the proof? And why don't you identify yourself?